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July 2021

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June 2021


Volunteers sought for EDC Committees

Ogemaw Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is seeking volunteers who would like to use their skills and talents to help business development in Ogemaw County. The Ogemaw EDC works in various ways to help promote, facilitate and spur business development including offering education on business management, employee development and leadership, potential site information, financial assistance and help to mitigate business obstacles. These functions are accomplished through the director, board and committees of the Ogemaw EDC.

The EDC has established three committees to focus on its goals. It is for these committees that the Board is seeking volunteers.

  • Business Education and Workforce Development Committee – Responsible to develop and access education in a variety of methods for the benefit of current and potential business owners as well as current and potential employees. An example of this would be the annual Economic Outlook session, which in 2020-21 was changed to a series of recorded webinars.

  • Site Selection and Community Development Committee – Promotes available commercial sites to entrepreneurs, investors and developers. An example is the site listing on the Ogemaw EDC webpage ( Community development is about assisting with local community initiatives to enhance the economy including broadband expansion, childcare development and housing.

  • Financial Resource Committee – Works in partnership with financial institutions and small business associations to help businesses during all stages of business development and during times of shared crises. An example of this is the leadership for local administration of COVID-relief grants.

Committees meet approximately monthly to quarterly and are chaired by a Board member. If you are interested or have questions about serving on one of these committees, please contact EDC Director Mary Bickel at A committee member application will be provided. A limited number of positions are available.

Being involved through EDC committees is a great way to give back to your community and to help shape the future course of it. The Ogemaw County EDC operates countywide and works to promote business benefiting every part of the county.



Congratulations graduates!

This has been a most unusual year of school; maybe the word that best describes it is disruption. Classrooms didn’t look or feel the same, games, when played, may have been in front of nearly empty stands, treasured events, whether plays, proms or pep rallies were cancelled, and opportunities to see fellow students in person were limited. It has been difficult to be a student, and even more to be a teacher.

The easy thing to say is that all of that is behind us now, never to be seen again. But that would be wishful thinking. The truth is that disruption, to one degree or another, is a part of life. Disruption can come in various forms, but disruption is a certainty, whether it comes to you as you are a student, soldier in one of the armed services of this country or a worker, trying to make a buck. The key variable that determines the impact of it is how you respond.

Let me suggest that diligence, care and trust are keys to responding positively and accomplishing much. Today, businesses up and down the street are clamoring for employees. The wise ones will not settle for just a warm body but will selectively hire employees who will consistently display those three characteristics in their life and in their work.

Diligence is persevering; being someone who can be counted on to be at work, on-time, bringing their mind to work and giving their best effort.

Care gets to the issue of quality of work; striving for excellence and being concerned for the needs of others. Caring people care about others more than self; therefore, their work is focused on the needs of others.

Trust is important because we are not sufficient in ourselves for life. Trust is about how you relate to those leading the business; do you give them the respect they deserve, are you humble enough to learn from them rather than thinking you know better, and do you accept what they value and conform to those values?

As you practice these, and as these qualities are seen in you, you will attract opportunities. Opportunities come to those who are effective. Disruptions, no matter how unwelcome, often open doors for opportunities. Your work today will help position you to benefit from future opportunities.

The Ogemaw County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is committed to help businesses succeed, and people succeed through business. Businesses succeed for various reasons, but one critical reason is that they have diligent, caring and trusting employees. Graduates, our encouragement to you is to be that today and each day, whether your best work is done in a surgical suite or in a garage bay. Be diligent, caring and trusting, and open your eyes to the opportunities around you.

Phil Durst

Ogemaw County EDC Board